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Windows Designed for Our Climate

Windows built to ENERGY STAR® standards by Fortress Windows & Doors Ltd. We think the windows you choose should make your home comfortable and be the right fit for you. We can help you make the choice that best suits your needs. All our windows are manufactured locally.

Casement Window


Casement windows swing outward with the hinges on the side. Ideal for bedrooms and living room windows, they offer maximum airflow. Used to meet Egress fire code standards

Awning WIndow


Awning windows swing outward with the hinges on the top. They are often used in kitchens and bathrooms and allow for airflow.

Fixed Casement Window


Picture windows, as the name suggests, allow you to view the whole picture by maximizing the amount of glass you can see through!

Silding Window


Sliding windows, while only available in Dual pane glazing options, are a cost effective way to upgrade from wood windows.

Fixed Casement Window

Fixed Casement

Fixed Casement windows are often configured alongside casement windows, providing symmetry.

Bay Window

Bay & Bow

Bay and bow windows, which stick out from your house, are often seen in kitchens and living rooms.

Bay Window


Rakeheads, octagons, triangles, rountops and grills are a few ways that you can make your house stand out from the rest!

Glazing Options

Choosing the right type of glass configuration can be confusing. We’re here to help you. Below is a short description of Sealed Units and their corresponding R-Values.

Sealed units, in their most basic form, have been around since the 1800’s. The first sealed unit consisted of two panes of glass ‘sealed’ together with a wooden spacer bar and filled with air. Since then, sealed unit technology has improved in many different ways. The first is the introduction of more durable spacer bars. The second is the introduction of a third pane of glass to the sealed unit. And the last is the introduction of argon gas fill and low E coating in between the panes of glass. With these improvements, the R-Value was developed to help measure the insulating factor. The higher the R-Value, the less heat is transferred out of your home in the winter, while also keeping the heat out in the summer. Poorly insulated windows lead to uncomfortable living spaces, condensation build up, and higher energy bills. The opposite then is true of well insulated windows. Below are the sealed unit configurations available and their corresponding R-Values.

  • Triple 2 Low E Argon (R8)
  • Triple 1 Low E Argon (R 5.25)
  • Dual Low E Argon (R4)
  • Dual Clear (R 2.2)
  • Triple Clear (R 3.13)

If you are looking for different types of glass such as discretion glass, please contact us. We have a variety of glass types available.

Painted Windows

Discover over 30 finish and colour options to give your project character. Seven collections featuring a range of timeless, rich colours that reflect your unique personality. Check out the full PDF for more information.
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